Looking towards Global Citizenship
Kim Ma Seunghee  |  smt_msh@sookmyung.ac.kr
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승인 2018.06.05  15:14:27
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From May 8 to 10, the 4th Annual Citizenship Fair was held by the Department of General Education.  It took place on the first floor of Centennial Hall.  Exhibitions included a slideshow presentation of data and videos by students in the course Global Citizenship Education and Leadership.  All displays at the fair were award-winning pieces created by groups of students or individuals.  Each piece was representative of a global issue such as women’s rights, poverty, education, environment, abandoned pets, and refugees.  Sookmyungians, who visited the fair, learned a lot about the presented global issues, government intervention, and things individuals could do that may lead to resolving the problems.  Every Sookmyungian who enrolled in the Global Citizenship Education and Leadership course was offered a chance to participate in the fair.  Hwang Jihyun, in the Department of General Education, said the topics had increased in diversity compared to those presented at the fair the previous year.  She also said, “Compared to last year, the grand prize winners included a number of individual participants compared to the group participant award winners last year.  This made me feel the passion of the participants strongly.”  Many Sookmyungians, who are taking the course Global Citizenship Education and Leadership this semester, visited the fair.  Kim Hyeseon, Department of Electronic Engineering ‘18, after visiting the fair, had this to say, “From the displays, I realized that there are still a lot of misogynistic expressions in law that need revising.  I also discovered misogynistic thoughts have deep roots in society.”  Since the fair is linked to the course Global Citizenship Education and Leadership, it offers future students considering enrolling in the course a great opportunity to learn about the course objectives and content.  For students who did not participate this semester, there is always next semester; therefore, consider participating the fair and give yourself the chance to spread your voice on a global issue to other fellow Sookmyungians.

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