The Start of a Successful Sookmyung Discussion Contest
Kim Shin Hyerin  |  smt_shr@sookmyung.ac.kr
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승인 2018.06.05  15:23:46
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On May 10, 2018, a briefing session for the Sookmyung Discussion Contest was held in room 421 of the Queen Sunheon Building.  The objective of the Contest is to have students discuss an aspect of culture at Sookmyung Women’s University.  It gave valuable information to prospective contest participants who had successfully passed documentation screening.  Unlike previous years, the contest will only last one day because organizers are only recruiting 32 teams unlike the 48 teams recruited in the past.  The first speaker at the briefing session was Cho Yong-gil, Professor of the Faculty of Liberal Arts.  He detailed the topic of the discussion: ‘Virtual money, the object of speculation’ and offered various possible arguments both for and against the topic so that participants could create better stances.  After his speech, Jeon Hyerin, Head of ‘Cheong’, hosted a question and answer session, presented an example of the tournament table setup, and detailed proper etiquette during the discussions.  Hong Sol-hee, undergraduate in the Department of TESL ‘17 said, “Last year, I took part in the Sookmyung Discussion Contest.  It is an honor to join the Contest now as a staff member.  I will endeavor to do my best to fulfill the slogan of Cheong: ‘Spread the culture of discussion at Sookmyung’.  As part of the staff, I hope my advice and discussion experiences help you through the contest successfully.  I look forward to some great discussion during the contest from all of you.”  The entire briefing session last about one hour, and then at the end Kim Minseo, Department of Communication & Media ‘18, said, “I joined the contest upon the recommendation of my professor for the course Critical Thinking and Discussion, but I was quite sure about the decision after this briefing.  I found purpose in my joining and I learned many things about discussions through the briefing session.”  On May 19, the 32 teams competed in the first round at Veritas, Queen Sunheon Building, and other buildings across campus, and on May 24, the final battle was held on Campus I, Gemma Hall, room B107.

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