The Coolest for the Season
The Coolest for the Season
  • Kim Ma Seunghee 기자
  • 승인 2018.09.04 10:06
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Division of Biological Sciences '16


What sparked your interest in fashion? What are your recommendations for the summer and fall?

My sister was really into fashion.  She worked in the clothing industry, so she often chose my style for the season.  I guess this naturally lead to my high interest in fashion.  I recommend linen fashion for summer, especially sleeveless shirts or slacks, since it has a cool texture and there are various popular designs made with linen these days.  You could also style yourself with a linen jacket or linen blouse in the fall.


Would you give Sookmyungians a few shopping tips?

I usually shop online, so the advice I will give relates to online shopping.  The main reason people are nervous of shopping online for clothing is that the color and texture of the items on the screen will differ from reality.  For this, I recommend looking at various images of the item on the screen.  In my case, I look at the same item several times.  I see it on my smartphone, my iPad, and on my laptop.  Various views on different screens allow you to determine if what you see on the screen is true to reality.

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