The Advantages of the Summit Conference
The Advantages of the Summit Conference
  • Kim Dain
  • 승인 2018.09.09 12:20
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The summit conference between North Korea and South Korea was held on April 27th, at Panmunjeom.  Because the conflict between North and South continued for about 70 years, I think the conference was the first step to peace, and a good thing for South Korea.  I have 3 reasons to support this.  First, the conference released the worries toward nuclear bombs.  It is hard to say that the danger is 100 percent gone.  However, looking back to the last few years, when North Korea threatened South with nuclear bombs, I think the conference that stated the abandonment of nuclear bombs assured safety for citizens in South Korea.  Second, there was a high percentage of war if the conference dissipated.  Because the United States was suppressing North Korea in various ways, the discord between them were getting intense.  I also saw an article saying that the president of the United States mentioned war to the president of Japan if the conference failed.  Therefore, I think the conference, which ended successfully, prevented war in Korea.  Third, the conference can be the first step to the unification of North and South Korea, which is good for both nations.  For example, if North and South unite, the economy will develop rapidly, due to the integration of the North Korea’s resources and South Korea’s technologies.  Also the budgets used to maintain military will decrease, and the surplus budget can be used in other fields like public safety.  In short, I think the conference was a good thing for South Korea because it decreased the danger of nuclear bombs and wars, and became the first step to unification.

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