Chuseok Cultural Experience for International Students
Oh Kim Youbin  |  smt_kyb@sookmyung.ac.kr
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승인 2018.10.10  18:50:06
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On September 20, a Chuseok cultural experience was held for international students on the 2nd floor of the Continuing Education Building of Sookmyung Women’s University.  This event was supported by the Global Language and Cultural Institute, and it lasted 3 hours, starting at 9:30 a.m.  International students were invited to visit several classrooms, where Korean students prepared various activities for them such as playing yut and jegi, wearing hanbok, origami (folding the paper into hanbok), playing with tops, and playing games of slap-match and jacks (gonggi).  The international students were able to get closer to Korean culture through each experience.  In the origami classroom, the instructor slowly detailed how to turn colored paper into beautiful hanboks so that students who were not good at Korean could understand easily.  Some classrooms turned on K-pop music and students could watch videos to enhance students’ interest.  Three of the participants, students in Korean Studies ’18, Preciosa Alberto, Elisabeth Mai, and Shanice Ellinger said, Through lectures we only learn theoretical knowledge, but by actually participating in Chuseok activities, we are able to feel and learn Korean culture much better.  It was a great chance to meet other nation friends who are now more like family.”  All students said they enjoyed the activities and were able to experience Korean culture directly.  At the end of the three hours, everyone enjoyed some songpyeon, traditional rice cake eaten at Chuseok.  The professor in charge of the event, Lee Soyoung said, “I wanted many international students to experience Korean tradition through the event.  By learning about Korean culture, they can better understand Koreans.  I think it was a helpful and fun event for all involved.”  Like her objective, international students were able to enjoy a happy Chuseok in Korea.

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