Sookmyungians Create a Warm Society
Kim Shin Hyerin  |  smt_shr@sookmyung.ac.kr
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승인 2018.12.06  15:11:53
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On November 7, 2018, a small flea market opened at the Queen Sunheon crossroads and in front of Myungshin Building.  This flea market was managed by students participating in the Sookmyung Life Academy program organized by the College of General Education.  All profits made in the flea market is to be used to purchase briquettes that will be donated to needed homes this winter.  The flea market vendors consisted of eight different groups of students from the Sookmyung Life Academy program.  It was popular among many Sookmyungians for its diverse selection of products including food such as tea, dumplings, and So Tteok So Tteok (a type of skewered beef and rice cake), key rings, postcards, and stickers.  Each booth promoted the activities of the Sookmyung Life Academy program as well.  Among the eight groups, Park Hyoseol, Department of Economics ’17, speaking on behalf of her group, said, “Sookmyung Life Academy is a year-long extracurricular program that trains talented people who competently combine their knowledge, virtue, and physical strength.  The program is carried out throughout an entire year, so it may seem tiring, but I feel a high sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.”  Sookmyung Life Academy participants create joint activities for students from all departments such as various lectures, discussions, and volunteer work such as briquette donation.  Members operate funding projects such as the flea market and learn from the program’s many cultural activities.  Through the flea market and other volunteer activities, students take a step forward to becoming talented and virtuous individuals.

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