Sookmyungians, Make Your Own Stories
Sookmyungians, Make Your Own Stories
  • Kim Ma Seunghee
  • 승인 2019.03.03 22:24
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From January 14 to 18, a program aimed at strengthening global competence was held by Career Development Center for the Creative Economy. It was held in Veritas Building B102. The program was open to all Sookmyungians interested in working on the world stage at foreign companies operating in Korea or at global organizations. The program consisted of various lectures related to global competence. On the last day of the program, Sookmyungians were given the chance to ask lecturers questions, and everyone who participated in all sessions of the 5-day program earned 1 school grade credit and 40,000 mileage points that could be used towards extracurricular activities on Snoway. During one lecture on about getting a job at a global organization, Researcher Park Sohee presented characteristics of global organizations and how to prepare for a job in various specialty fields. She emphasized the advice for how to respond to “Why are you applying to our organization?” She said, “Prior to the interview you should have thought about your own story to answer the question, something uniquely different from others.” In addition to registered attendees, auditing students were welcomed to attend any of the lectures. Lee Sumin, Department of Food & Nutrition ’16, said, “I am considering applying for a global organization, so I participated fully in the program. I learned that I know much less than I thought about global organizations. Through the lectures, I learned how to prepare better for my dream job because the lecturer explained how to go about getting ready in a practical way.” Even though the program was held during winter vacation, almost 30 Sookmyungians regularly attended all lectures and left the program eagerly prepared to craft their own stories as stipulated by Park.

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