Consultation for Only You
Consultation for Only You
  • Kim Lee Kyung-hee
  • 승인 2008.04.08 19:50
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These days when freshman enter the university, a majority of them choose their major without prudent thought.  So they are worried about their future dream even if they are only a university student.  For these students, a one-on-one future course consultation was held on March 23 at Myungshin Building 414.  The consultation program was processed by Kim Hyeun-Ah, for about two hours.  This program was different because it focused on inner and outer image making, not about skillful strategy building.  This image making program also utilized questionnaire analysis and games of expressing themselves to further develop their image making skills. 



One of the participants in this program, Lee Ka-ram (20), a freshman of Division of Family & Child Welfare said that, “In my opinion, the purpose of this program is to help build various aspects each students’ other aspects.  I can make interaction express myself better than before through this program.”  She also pointed out a lacking thing.  She said, “But I expected a one-on-one personal counseling session.  I was a little bit disappointed about that.”

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