Let's Tour SMU Library
Let's Tour SMU Library
  • Lee Jung seungji 기자
  • 승인 2008.04.08 19:56
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At 5 o'clock on 21 March, some Sookmyungians got together in front of the first floor of the central library of SMU. Three SMARTeers, volunteer librarians guided a tour of the library with the Sookmyungians. They toured the entire library until the underground reading room. They explained everything about the library from referringto collectional data to the uses of DICA Plaza and Group Study Rooms.


The SMARTeers stressed, "In the underground reading room, you had better register with K-Cash at SHINHAN BANK before you a locker. If you don't register with K-Cash, it will be inconvenient later." Freshman Kim (20) said, "When I came to the library, Ididn't know the uses of the library in detail. So, I applied for Library Tour and participated in the program today. Through this chance, I know a lot about the library, and I think it is a good program for freshmen." Another freshman Lee of the graduate school said, "I know the libraey has various facilities for students and how I can use those through the program." Lastly Yoo An Na, the second head of SMARTeer said, "The librarytouring will continue every Monday at 5 o'clock and Thursday at 11a.m., 4p.m. till 10 April. Though this, we hope that students of SMU can know more uses of the library and can make use of every facility without inconvenience." The entire program lasted about one hour. On the SMU's site, there is information in detail about the program.

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