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Do you remember last time you sat down to draw? It might have been back during your childhood. Or was it recently? Before the camera, people spend much time drawing. However, there is something special engaging in the act of drawing even with the existence of cameras. People learn to see the world more realistically. When you draw something, you reconstruct the world. This is something a camera cannot do. All you need is a pencil, paper, and most importantly, your imagination. Are you ready to draw?


Draw My World

According to the Oxford dictionary, ‘draw’ is defined as the production of an image of something or someone by making lines and marks on paper. People draw to remember or to express their view of the world. Drawers or artisans draw the world from their unique perspectives. 16 artists have come together to display their drawing at the exhibition ’I DRAW: Nothing is more wonderful than drawing’. In total, there are about 350 drawings on display at the exhibition, and the 16 artists include Eom Yujeong, Pierre Le-Tan, Oalmul Lu, Unskilled Worker, and others, from 6 different countries. Each artist has a unique character expression and creative style.
To get to D Museum, the exhibition location, take Bus 2016 from Sookmyung Women’s University, transfer at Hyochang Park Station to Bus 110B, and get off at Hannam Sibeom Apartment. After getting off, use a map application to get to D Museum. In total, it will take about 40 minutes. The regularly scheduled docent tour is at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. However, if you cannot make those time, you can still use a mobile docent for free after downloading the D Museum application. Both Korean and English are available on the app.


Drawing Is Wonderful

The exhibition has 13 different sections for 12 separate artists and ‘D Project Space’, which displays the works of 4 other artists. Since the exhibit displays works by 16 artists, this reporter would like to introduce a select few. In the Oamul Lu’s section, entitled ‘Mellow Forest’, visitors will quickly feel a strong sense of warmth coming from the artist’s use of pastel tone color in his drawings. Oamul Lu travels a lot and captures what he sees in his drawings. Most of his drawings on display in the exhibition are nature related. Visitors will feel the changing of the seasons as they look upon his work. In contrast to the drawing of Oamul Lu, Unskilled Worker draws with intense colors. Even the colors of the walls and curtains in the section are red. Unskilled Worker does not have an art education, and she usually draws people, mostly girls. However, when you look deeply at her drawings, the big eyes of the people in her drawing will captivate your attention and you will feel their emotions and mysterious aura.
In the Hattie Stewart section entitled ‘Cheeky Universe’, there’s a mirror on the ceiling, so one feels like they have entered a new Stewart universe. For this reporter, her drawings were similar to graffiti with their vibrant colors. The faces on the object, such as hearts or the sun, mostly were seen sticking out their tongues and had one eye closed. These cute oddities made them humorous, so this reporter looked about them pleasurably. Stefan Marx’s drawings centering on fun suit well with the title of one of his drawings ‘Sundaayyyssss’. His drawings are cartoon-like, more like doodles than full artistic drawing. His work is displayed all over the wall and done in bold black lines. Visitors will notice a dog behaving just like a human couch potato on a lazy Sunday.
Besides the wonderful drawings of the artists, the museum’s interior strengthens the atmosphere of each artist’s style. Pierre Le-Tan draws subjects that people can easily find in their daily life, and in his section, visitors will encounter an arch-shaped door and actual chairs, which make one feel at home. In Hajime Sorayama’s section, the white background and music that arouse surreal atmosphere enforce the super realistic world atmosphere the drawings inspire. Moreover, in Katie Scott’s section, Scott’s animal and plant drawings are highlighted more with the black wall and detailed drawings of animals and plants, which feels like one has entered a natural history museum. These kinds of setting will make you be immersed in the world of each artist.


Ratings: ★★★★★

The exhibition made this reporter not only ponder the drawings on display but also consider drawing as an action. Most of the 16 artists from the exhibition operate their own SNS accounts, so even after leaving the exhibition, people can still contact the artists and see their work. Since re-entry is allowed when you show the ticket stub, this SMT reporter is strongly considering visiting the exhibition again. There are a number of marvelous drawings by different artists that this article does not cover, so this reporter recommends you take a trip to the exhibition and immerse yourself in the drawings.

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