Real-Name System Should Be Imposed in Cheongpa Market
Lee Hwang Hayoung  |  smt_lhy@sookmyung.ac.kr
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승인 2019.06.02  02:36:05
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Cheongpa Market is an active online secondhand market for Sookmyungians. A lot of Sookmyungians use this bulletin board in Everytime App to buy books, clothes, household items, cosmetics, and other needed items. It is popular among students because it offers a variety of good quality items at reasonable prices. However, nowadays, there are increasing numbers of consumer complaints about users who are not being honest. For example, some purchasers do not send the correct amount of the sale and some people are selling items at prices higher than they originally cost. The benefit of being anonymous, however, is that lots of students who wish to remain unknown are actively using the market board. SMT decided to ask fellow Sookmyungians how they truly feel about introducing a real-name system to Cheongpa Market.

-Debate Topic-

Real-Name System Should Be Imposed in Cheongpa Market






Bang Hyojung
Department of English Language & Literature ‘19


I believe a real-name system should be imposed on Cheongpa Market on the Everytime app. If a real name system is implemented, problems caused by anonymity like irresponsible information installation and poor product quality will be resolved. The first advantage of implementing a real-name system is responsibility. Even though the users of Cheongpa Market are only Sookmyungians, it is impossible to trust each Sookmyungians whole-heartedly. Some people may disregard the use of real names as being trivial or unnecessary, but the action of entering one’s full name makes us feel responsible for our behavior unconsciously. People will consider seriously their uploaded posts before pressing enter. Also, because the person reading the post will know the name of the uploader, there will be a reduction in the selling of products unwisely or simply to swindle others of money. By placing more responsibility on users, product quality will also improve. Both the seller and the buyer will have more accurate information on the products being bought and sold with the installation of a real-name system. There will be decrease in ambiguous answers and people who are no-shows for appointments. Therefore, if the bulletin board imposes a real-name system on Cheongpa Market, users will be more responsible about their actions, and the trust between Sookmyungians will increase, making Cheongpa Market a better flea market for students.






Shim Minchae
Department of English Language & Literature ‘19


I disagree with the implementation of a real-name system on Cheongpa Market on the Everytime app. First of all, it will hinder flexible deals. Currently, there are lots of products being sold at Cheongpa Market, but if a real-name system is imposed, there could be a decline of competitiveness due to less diversification of trade items. In other words, the number of items sold there will decrease. Second, students will not want and fear the disclosure of their personal information. Cheongpa Market has a higher percentage of buyer-seller meetings than other platforms because the platform is restricted to Everytime app users. Moreover, it’s an undeniable fact that releasing one’s personal information is burdensome. From my own experience, people register with fake names or aliases, especially when sending money because they do not wish to give out their personal information unnecessarily. Posting items I wish to sell and declaring what I wish to buy in an open space can be uncomfortable because it’s open to all students, some of whom I may encounter at school around the campus. There are some cases that open their personal information spontaneously on online which is an anonymous place. However, suddenly making a change to Cheongpa Market to use one’s real name can be disconcerting to users. Last, there is the issue of usefulness about the real-name system. There are better ways to prevent fraud than using a real-name system. The buying and selling on Cheongpa Market could be divided into two groups: a direct face-to-face exchange or a prepayment for the item and delivery later (usually done through school lockers). It is hard to swindle someone with face-to-face exchanges, but in case of the latter prepay method, when the money is wired to the seller, the buyer knows the seller’s name. There is still frequent fraud compared to face-to-face, but the difference is not huge. Could the use of a real-name system truthfully remove all the fraud? For all the above reasons, I disagree with the real-name system being implemented on Cheongpa Market.




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