Just Do It
Just Do It
  • An Lee Jung-un
  • 승인 2007.04.06 16:58
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“What is your goal? What is your dream?”  Joan Lee, a president of Star Communication, questions Sookmyungians.  She delivered a special lecture in the Immanuel Hall at the Renaissance Plaza on March 26.  The theme of the lecture was ‘self?leadership’ and she asked these questions when the lecture had started. 

Joan Lee emphasized ‘goals’ and ‘dreams.’  She said, “People don’t distinguish between dreams and reality. 

Most people said, “my dreams are to be a ….”  However, these are not dreams, but reality.  Dreams are adventures that test people’s limitations.”  Also, she explained that goals are derived from dreams and emphasized the need to have goals.  These goals help us to lead our life and self?leadership. 

 Lastly, she said, “Your life’s owner is you.  You should lead your life.  If you can’t lead your life, you can’t lead other people.  So, it is important to have self?leadership.  Challenge your mind and remember: I CAN! I WILL! JUST DO IT!”

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