Overcome Feelings of Depression
Overcome Feelings of Depression
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Spring is coming and the weather is getting warm.  It is very beautiful and the queen of the seasons.  However, not everyone enjoys spring.

Some people usually say “I get peevish in spring.”  They use this sentence when they feel depressed and lonely or they aren’t enthusiastic about anything.  Recently, I have also been hearing my friends and seniors complain about this.  They seem to be melancholy and to pass their time meaninglessly.  Maybe some of you who are reading this article are suffering from spring syndrome right now.

I want to suggest an activity to these people: “Raise whatever living thing you like.”  For example, you could raise a dog, cat, rabbit or plant, all of which are small and cute.  You will feel energy and pleasure from raising these living things.  Actually, I have experienced this change ever since I first got my puppy.  Whenever I see my puppy, I wear a smile and spend all my time caring for it.  My friend, Ji-hye, has also been raising a rabbit for two months.  I feel that she is more comfortable and affectionate than before.

Like this, living things change our feelings and lifestyles.  However, there are people who can’t raise animas or plants because of a variety of reasons.  How then can they overcome their depressed feelings?  I propose another method for them.  It is “to go outside and look around.”  There are warm beams of sunlight, blue sky, cool wind, good smells and beautiful flowers around us.  It is a very valuable way of teaching us about the beauty of nature.  These can also change our mood and outlook. 

Therefore, if Sookmyungians get moody and peevish in spring, they should spend time with living things or look around outside.  Whatever makes you happy is always to be found all around us.

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