Improve Your Resume through SMU Special Program
Improve Your Resume through SMU Special Program
  • Kim Lee Kyung-hee
  • 승인 2008.05.10 23:09
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A one-on-one program of consultations on written job applications was held from April 14 to 18 in room 504 of the Veritas Building.  It was a program of a mock employment competition.  During this program, many Sookmyungians who are preparing to enter a company could be helped by two consultants.  An officer of the Career Development Center said that, “While helping Sookmyungians find employment, we realized that they need more detail and realistic information about their written applications.  Also it is little bit difficult for us to check each student’s problems in their writing.  That’s reason why we established this program, in which they can get more detailed information about their written applications.”


The contents of the consultation focused mainly on finer details.  One of the consultants advised one Sookmyungian that “If you write the fact that you absented yourself from school temporarily, write the reason for your absence in detail.  During this period, if you had done any work towards your desired department, also emphasize that in detail.”  Lee Ji-hye, a senior in the Division of Telecommunication, said, “I didn’t know the detailed problems in my written application before I took part in this program, so I think it was a very useful program to me, to all Sookmyungians.  But I was little disappointed about the time that I was given.  The time was too short for a complete check.  Actually I want to get more advice about my cover letter.”

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