There Is So Much to Do but Life Is Short
There Is So Much to Do but Life Is Short
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‘There is so much to do but life is short.’ 

What do you think about this sentence?  I agree with this sentence very much, because time goes by so quickly that we can’t do everything.  How many people do everything they want to and have to in their life?  Actually when I think about my case, I haven’t done very much and lack experience.  Now, please think about your life and count everything you have done since you were born. 

While you consider what you have done, you may realize you didn’t do many things.  Also you can realize that what you have done is common and stale; for example, go to school, meet friends, maybe volunteer, study etc.  Like this, most people only do ordinary things even though life is very short.  I think we should enjoy and live our life powerfully.  However, if we live an ordinary life, our life will be too quiet.  Therefore we must do new things and set challenges for new goals in order to enjoy our life.  Doing something new isn’t difficult.  It involves doing that which you have never experienced--for instance, sing in front of a large audience, travel the backcountry or go skydiving.  These things are new and you can do them all. 

The recent movie “The Bucket List” is about two old men who write a list of things that they must do before they die and they call this their ‘Bucket List.’  After having watched this movie, I think we also should make bucket lists.  They will make our life more fresh and fun.  In addition, it gives energy and confidence to us.

Lastly, I suggest to Sookmyungians to please always be aware of the truth that life is very short, and in particular your twenties are short.  If you want to enjoy your twenties and your whole life, please remember my essay.


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