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승인 2008.09.03  22:11:40
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Drawing Show is a combination of paintings and stage performances, but unfortunately, it is almost impossible to describe what it truly is, especially when you have not seen it in person.  From the very beginning, the blank canvas to the finished masterpiece, the audience gets to see all of the painting process, not just looking at it but actually experiencing it through this tremendous show.  Drawing Show exhibits a whole new paradigm for how to appreciate paintings.

Drawing Show consists of paintings, actors, lights and darkness.  In particular, the performers create beautiful images with lights and darkness.   It makes the audience have dreamlike feelings, and loud and realistic music beats their hearts.  Performers complete incredible paintings with their hands.  It is hard to believe these paintings are done by hand and in only a few minutes.  What’s more, the fact that the whole process is revealed to the audience is the most attractive feature.  While watching the moment that a painting is completed, the audience can feel they are a part of the performance.  The strong beat of the music and the beautiful drawing lead you to a new world. 

To make a more interesting performance, Drawing Show introduces many different kinds of painting skills; carving and modeling, stamping, protage, marbling and original skills.  They attract people’s eyes with splendid drawing skills.  From finger painting to works describing the burning of Seung Rye Moon, diverse art works are performed. 
The performers interact with the audience well.  They induce the audience into the performance by giving their art works instantly. 

In addition, the humorous performances are impressive, too.  The audience is given a big laugh by just watching them, as every single expression of the performers is interesting.  The background music is also another performer.  It doubles our interest and gives vigor to the performance.  The audience can enjoy the show through satisfying their five senses.   Drawing Show is a good choice for people who want to experience a new method of appreciating art and shows even they did not have interest in the arts.  

08/07/11~08/09/30 Daehakno Zillerhall


Photos from drawingshow.com

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