Camp for Learning Leadership of the Sea
Camp for Learning Leadership of the Sea
  • Shin Won So-ra
  • 승인 2008.09.04 07:50
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On August 20, 60 Sookmyuungians of leadership groups set out to the Naval Academy in Jinhae for four days and three nights.  On the first day, they carried out leadership workshop including discussion time and team project.  Next day, they participated in special lecture of Professor Lee Min Woong, which was about Chungmu-gong leadership of Lee Soon-shin.  And then they visited a warship and took opportunity to look around the inside of it.  At afternoon, they learned ocean of sports, IBS, which is training on a rubber boat.  Also, Sookmyungians had a great time and chance to get familiar with sophomoric naval cadets through the meeting.  On third day, because of the rain, students couldn’t climb the Mang hae bong, instead they spent time doing badminton, dodge ball and basket ball in a gymnasium.  Next, students went to museum and Geobukseon and they played water polo.  Finally, they finished official programs after watching promotion video of the Naval Academy and movie on the navy.  Sookmyungians had to follow the rules of the Naval Academy during the camp.  They woke up early in the morning and start the day at six o’ clock by exercising.  And they should go to bed at 10 P.M..  Although students lead hard time there, they could have valuable memory and learn leadership by improving their body strength.

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