Colorful Paradise, Mongolia
Colorful Paradise, Mongolia
  • Kim Lee Kyunghee
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Have you imagined paradise?  Most people think that paradise has green grass land, and a clean and soft breeze though.  Then do you know that there is a real paradise in the world?  That country is Mongolia.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) interviewed a beautiful girl who came from Mongolia, Dulguunjargal(20).

Mongolia, A Green Color Paradise

I think that Mongolia is as beautiful a country as any other countries.  The air is especially clean and fresh.  Mongolia is now an industrial nation, it is more polluted now than the past days, but I think that the air is still cleaner than that of Seoul.  Most places are wide horizontal grasslands.  So when I came to Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) at first, to walk was so hard for me because the campus is hilly.  However, since the sidewalks are paved, so it is comfortable to walk.
SMT Comment: I understand.  There are so many stairs and hills our campus which  is undulating. 

Coexistence of Tradition and Modern Culture

Many people think that most Mongolians believe in Lamaism (Botta), but nowadays there are many different religions in Mongalia.  In my case, I am a Christian.  Usually young Mongolians are free to choose their religions.  But, many older Mongolians believe mainly in Lamaism.  Mongolia has been changed from old times.  Mongolia is not closed, but liberal.  The typical case is food.  In the past, most Mongolians did not eat fish because of their religious faith, (Lamaists do not eat any fish) but now it is different.  People have their own choices.

White, Red, and Mongolia 

There are not the colors of wines, but are the colors of Mongolians food in Mongolia.  Mongolian eat mainly dairy products and meats.  The majority of meat is mutton and beef.  Mongolians love to eat mutton, and mutton dumplings are a typical food. (che) There is also a special mutton stew named Chingiz Chan. (Its name is the same as the person who founded Mongolia.)

Korean Culture in Mongolia

I came to Korea a year ago.  I saw firstly the Korean culture through Korean soap Operas.  In Mongolia, Korean culture (movies, soaps operas) is very popular.  In particular, Winter Love Song and Full House are my favorite Korean soap Operas.  I wanted to learn more about Korean Culture, so I decided to came to Korea.  While I live in Korea, I have learned much about Korean culture.  However, now I do not enjoy watching Korean soap operas because they are very similar; their patterns are that two men love one women, they fight, and finally one of them dies.

SMT Comment: It is so surprising!  She knows Korean soap opera’s patterns. Moreover, she said that her favorite Korean food is pork, Kimchi stew, and Potato stew with pork.  I think that she has the nature of a typical Korean.

Mongolians Are Similar to Koreans

Although it is different from case by case, Koreans are similar to Mongolians.  First of all they are so kind.  When my elder sister got lost in the Incheon Airport, a kind Korean helped her.  They found the way together, and got a taxi for her.  The teachers at Lingua Express are also so kind to students.  They teach them to do their best, so it is fun to learn Korean everyday.  Mongolians have different characteristics case by case, but I think that Mongolians are also kind to everybody.  I’m happy to be Mongolians.

Real Paradise in Mongolia, Dalanzadgad

Dalanzadgad is located nearby Mongolia’s capital, Ulan Bator.  In this place, people can enjoy riding horses and camels.  Ulan Bator is a typical metropolis, but Dalanzadgad is typical countryside; it has a desert, grasslands, and clean air.  If you go travel there, you have to be careful about Mongolia’s weather.  Mongolia has a continental climate, so it is hot in summer, and cold in winter.  It also rains often, so you have to watch the weather when you travel in Mongolia.

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