4 Seasons, 4 Hamlets-Musical Hamlet
4 Seasons, 4 Hamlets-Musical Hamlet
  • Kim Kee Kyunghee
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‘To be or not to be that is the question.’

Today, many characters of Shakespeare are still breathed all around the world represented in movie, play, and musical.  However, beyond the century, the most famous character is Hamlet.  His face full of trouble, pain, and despair is loved by all counties for a long time, and he is constantly represented, and recreated by many people. Each Hamlet has very unique identity.

‘Musical Hamlet-World Version’ is a special project made by Korea, U.S.A. and the Czech Republic.  These three countries have presented three different types of Musical Hamlet since 2008, and Musical Hamlet started the performance in Theater S, Korea.  Korean Musical Hamlet prepared four Hamlets for this special project.  Each of Hamlet has different identity like four seasons, so people can choose the actor ofHamlet according to their taste; Lee Ji-hoon, Park Geon-hyeong, Yoon Hyeong Ryeol, and Lim Tae-kyung.


SMT chose Lim Tae-kyung, looked like spring.  ‘The Hamlet of Spring’ played Hamlet focused on change of Hamlet’s mind; Wrath to Uncle Claudius, disappointment to Queen Gertrude (Hamlet’s mother), love to his sweetheart Ophelia, and the question about to be or not to be between these emotions.  Lim Tae-kyung expressed these troubles through his beautiful song.  Sometimes like a butterfly, sometimes like a breeze, his voice is so amazing, and audience are enough to fall in Hamlet’s world.

Besides, the point of Musical Hamlet is emotion of each character.  Particularly, the love song of Uncle Claudius and Queen Gertrude is the outstanding part of this musical.  Since Hamlet was created, people only are focused on Hamlet’s change of mind or the madness of his sweetheart.  But in Musical Hamlet, is focused on Uncle Claudius and mother Gertrude’s love.  So people can realize why Uncle Claudius did the crime, and the reason why Queen Gertrude kept the silence.

Hot summer had gone, and soft autumn has come.  In this season, maybe many of people want to enjoy cultural life.  Do you want some special performance different from others?  Then SMT recommends 4 colored Musical Hamlet.  So, what kind of season of Hamlet do you like?


* 8.29~Open run, Theater S, Sookmyung Art Center

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