The Ceremony for the 50th Graduation Anniversary
The Ceremony for the 50th Graduation Anniversary
  • Park Bae Hyewon
  • 승인 2008.11.09 17:07
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On October 17, ceremony for the 50th graduation anniversary, called Home Coming Day, was held in Samsung Convention Center in Centennial Hall. This ceremony was reappeared graduation about 50 years ago while alumnae were wearing graduation gown.  "At that time, alumnae graduated Sookmyung at that time was representative elite women in Korea. So, Sookmyung will revive pride of that time.”  President Young Sil Han said at opening ceremony.  “It was very exciting for me to meet alumna after longtime separation,” “Prospered Sookmyung make me surprise. I’m so proud of Sookmyung.” “This ceremony reminds when I studied in Sookmyung.” Kim In Hye, Moon Jong Sil, Park Jung In, alumnae in the Division of Pharmacy said.  After reappearing graduation, tea party was held in Han Sang Eun Lounge.

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