May I sign up for the class taught in English?
May I sign up for the class taught in English?
  • Sehjae Chun
  • 승인 2008.11.09 17:43
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 During the registration period, many students seem to be drown into the various kinds of dilemma.  Obviously one of them is whether to take the class taught in English or not.  While a number of the students who think that class taught in English become a "must" is increasing, there are still many who are not sure whether to take it or avoid it.  Choice is, of course, yours.  But those who hesitate to take it now seem to suffer themselves from a couple of unnecessary worries.  First, “class taught in English is only taken by those who are good at English.”  No!  It is not true.  It will be only taken successfully by those who are well preparing for the class.  Study in advance before the class, review what you studied after class and try to come up with the questions to ask.  If you think that you cannot speak English fluently, you may have to begin with memorizing what you are going to ask, and ask it in class!  Do not worry too much about the grammar or pronunciation to forget what you have to say.  We are not the native English speaker! Even the native English speaker occasionally makes mistakes.  Second, “you will get lower grade, if you are not good at English.”  No!  Not necessarily.  You will get lower grade, if you do not study harder.  Probably those who are good at English may spend less time in preparing and reviewing the class materials.  If so, invest more time than them, if necessary.  Third, “we cannot learn much in the class taught in English.”  No!  It depends on the attitude of the teachers and the students.  Similar to the class taught in Korean, if you have questions, or you do not clearly understand what you have learned, ask and ask until you get answers.  Do not pretend you understand what puzzles you.  

Even though you overcome some unnecessary worries listed above, probably you are still not sure how to prepare for the class in a practical sense.  There is always a way out.  I will introduce some "learning strategies" in the class taught in English.  First, you have to be familiar with some expressions frequently used in the class such as "When is the due for homework?", "What's for mid-term examination."  Second, you must be brave!  Do not be a spectator in class.  Say something in class.  If you are not sure what to say in class, you may start with asking some questions to the professors.  Probably one way to ask questions is to ask professor to explain or clarify again what he or she lectured in class.  Third, work with your classmates!  Prepare for the class with your classmates who feel that a kind of study group is necessary to catch up with the class.  Lastly, take the maximum advantage of English help-facilities on campus.  For example, "English Lounge," located in the Sunheon Building on the first floor, provides a comfortable atmosphere for students who want to speak English.  Please feel free to stop by, and take advantage of it.  Moreover Sookmyung Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) on campus also offers a series of workshops on classes taught in English.  Sign up for those workshops!

 You do not have to be afraid of taking the class taught in English, if you prepare for it in advance.  English is only a tool.  Do not be a slave to it anymore.  You may be clumsy at the begging, but if you keep using it, you will find yourself its master. 



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