Present for Yourself
Present for Yourself
  • Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자
  • 승인 2008.12.04 13:24
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What do you want for Christmas?  Christmas has always been one of the most special holidays for many people for many reasons.  Without a doubt, one reason might be the ‘presents’ you have been given since you were young.  In this case, do you still expect the happiness of Christmas to come from presents?  Whether you answer yes or no, there’s a way you can give yourself a present.  The answer is to cherish your ‘present.’

This may sound somewhat weird to you, but what I suggested as a present (for Christmas or at any other time) is, in other words, to cherish your life as it is.  Many people keep regretting past deeds, worrying about the future, but ironically, seem to let the time flow away while not concentrating on what they are doing now.  Everybody knows that both the past and future are other forms of the present.  Being lazy, failing at time management, lack of motivation and uncountable other reasons prevent people from showing their real ability.  Even if you do your best, you may be sad because of not being perfect.

However, if you regard your present as a present, you don’t have to feel this way.  Most of all, you will not be able to waste your time because you’re writing your own history book on your own with your present.  Secondly, what I ultimately want to tell you is to be happy on your own and to enjoy the moment as much as you can.  There is a saying that explains, “A talented person never succeeds over a person who always tries their best, and a person who tries their best never succeeds over someone who enjoys it.”  If you want something from the outside world, you will hardly feel satisfied with whatever you have.  This has been the very basic lesson all over the world throughout the ages.  Apart from your circumstances, there’s always room for turning your misfortune into happiness.  If you didn’t get good grades this semester, you’re given the chance to try harder and raise your grades next semester.  If you made some mistake, not on purpose, you’ve learned an unforgettable lesson through life experience.  As long as you don’t make the same mistake again, it could be worthwhile to go through it.  If life is a ceaseless procedure of learning, it is a part of helping you become a better person.

This present is so special, and costs nothing except your attitude.  To make the best use of your present, you should be prepared to accept the present with your whole heart.

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