Power of Being Positive
Power of Being Positive
  • Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자
  • 승인 2008.12.04 17:16
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On November 19, a lecture called ‘Power of being positive’ was given by Kim Mi-hwa, a famous comedian, and designed by the Research Institute of Asian Women.  She emphasized the power of positive thinking, saying, “Thanks to the power of positive thinking, I’m here to give a lecture to you.  There’s power of positivity in the universe and if you sincerely want something and if you strongly believe it, the energy from the universe helps you to achieve it.”  She also highlighted the sense of challenge.  As a comedian, she’s running a radio program mainly discussing current issues.  She said “I was selected as a DJ in this seemingly heavy program thanks to the producer’s effort despite all the stereotypes and I have been there 5 years without fail.  As the world changes, everyone should change themselves.”  She shared so many episodes that were a result of her positive attitude and inspired students to imitate her behavior.

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