How Do You Study for the Exam?
How Do You Study for the Exam?
  • Yun Jung Ji-hye
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1. How far in advance of the exam is study done?
1) 2‐3 days 2) 1 week 3) 2 weeks 4) 1 month

2. Where do you do most of your study?
1) In a library  2) In a classroom  3) In your house  4) In a club room

3. Where do you go for help when preparing for an exam?
1) A senior  2) A professor  3) A group study  4) Exam records

4. What resources do you use when you study?
1) Printed papers  2) Reference books  3) Reference treatises  4) Internet resources

5. What subjects do you focus on the most?
1) Interested subjects 2) Major subjects

Tips for Studying

How to Keep Yourself Awake...

Have much caffeine by drinking coffee and tonic medicine.
Brush teeth and wash to refresh.
Study at night or dawn.
Practice finger pressure treatment and massage.
Listen to music and eat something while studying.

How to Study...
Use a method of reminding the content.
Summary the part and parcel.
Study cultural studies a few days ago
Turn off a sell phone to concentrate on study.
Turn off cell phone to concentrate.

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