‘365 days, 365 versions’ - Shear Madness
Lee Kwon Eunah  |  smt_68@sookmyung.ac.kr
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승인 2008.12.04  17:55:31
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Are you tired of watching plays that are performed in the framework of similar repertories and storylines?  If you have been longing for such innovative performances that will break the fixed idea of original plays, you are strongly recommended to sit out the play “Shear Madness.”  It is a very unique form of performance which has changed the general idea of ‘showing’ the play to a whole new conception of introducing the audiences to ‘participate’ in the play.

“Shear madness” is a comic mystery performance depicting a case of murder which takes place in a hair salon.  All audience members are given the role of ‘witnesses’ who are the ones that can track every little detail from each event in the performance.  Audiences are required to actively intervene in the play in various ways; in order to help the detectives to capture the real criminal, they can ask any questions to the actors and actresses or even demand their reappearance if the audience feels that it is needed to explain their suspicious behavior.  In the end, the audience casts ballots to appoint a criminal, which means the ending of the performance is decorated by the audiences’ decisions.

When you watch this performance, you will be surprised to discover its outstanding structure.  They never perform with the same storyline or flow.  Every time they begin the play, neither the performers nor the audience can guess the ending; this is because “Shear Madness” is a co-production which is created offhandedly in collaboration with the audience and performers.  Also, the actors reflect fresh political, social and regional current events in the play.  Therefore, once they perform a play, its storyline is the first and the last.  This comes from their motto, ‘365 days, 365 versions.’

How about spending your free time enjoying cultural life with a special performance that is different from other ordinary plays?  Do you consider yourself a playgoer?  Then you shouldn’t miss “Shear Madness.”

+2008.6.6(Fri)~ OPEN RUN Daehangno Artmadang

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