The Oldest Agape, Family
The Oldest Agape, Family
  • Cho Ku Yun-ji
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For you, are your family members the most imortant people in your life? Many People might live without awareness of family. In this cold weather, how about warming your heart by watching three movies? Then you will be given a chance to think about the meaning of your family.




01 All I Want for Christmas Is...                                     By Kim Lee Kyunghee

        - Love Actually (2003)                               smtheeya @




Many people imagine that the best movie to watch at Christmas is Love Actually (2003).  As you know, there are diverse love stories in this movie.  Perhaps people who have seen Love Actually often remember these stories such as the love story between a minister and a secretary, the love story between a woman and the friend of her husband, or the love story of two young children.  However, besides these stories, there is another ‘love’ story, not sweet, but calm, in this movie.  This story is about a family.

Harry is a father in an ordinary family and acts bluntly towards his wife.  His wife, Karen, who loves the music of Joni Michell, loves Harry and his character.  Preparing for his office Christmas party, Harry meets a woman named Mia, who tempts him.  At first he is confused but she still approaches him.  One day before Christmas, Mia asks for some special present from Harry via a phone call.  Also on the same day, Karen discovers a golden necklace in Harry’s pocket, and expects that he will give it to her.  On Christmas Eve, Harry’s whole family is surrounded by presents, and Karen unwraps her present.  Then she discovers that her present is Joni Michell’s CD, not a golden necklace.  Who received the golden necklace?  At Christmas, all secrets and Karan’s real mind are exposed.

* An Omnibus Film


Love Actually is an omnibus film.  That means it is a movie in which each story connects with another story indirectly for example, Karen’s brother David is the prime minister of the U.K., and he is in love with his secretary.  Also, Karen’s friend has a cute stepson who is in love withhis classmate.  Like this, an omnibus film has many stories which connect indirectly.  If you watch this movie, you will not miss this unique structure and will doubtless enjoy it.

* American Production, All English Actors


Love Actually was made by Universal Studios but all actors and actress in this movie are English.  Actually there is an interesting culturalcode in this small fact.  As you know, the British are very proud of their country, and they particularly do not like Americans. However, many big entertainment companies like Universal Studios are in the U.S. so that the U.K. production company had to shift copyright to production at Universal.  Although the U.K. production companyshifted copyright because of financial problems, it seems that they did not shift their pride.  So when you watch the movie Love Actually, you may notice the British pride of their culture, and their aversion to American style. For example, the American president who looks like G.W. Bush is in this movie, also his activities and the minister's reaction are interesting points of this movie. 



02 Great Lies for Mother                                      By Shin Won Sora

        - Good Bye, Lenin! (2003)                             smtwsr @



October, 1989 was a bad time to fall into coma if you lived in East Germany-and this is precisely what happens to Alex’s proudly socialist mother.  Alex has a big problem on his hands when shesuddenly awakens eight months later.  Her heart is so weak that any shock might kill her.  And what could be more shocking than the fall of the Berlin Wall and the triumph of capitalism in her beloved East Germany?  To save his mother, Alex transforms thefamily apartment into an island of the past, a kind of socialist-era museum where his mother is lovingly duped as a little white lie turns into a major scam as Alex’s sister and selected neighbors are recruited to maintain the elaborate ruse--and keep herbelieving that Lenin really did win after all.



 * Dutiful Mind of Alex


To make his mother feel relaxed, he puts all his energy into hiding all the things related to reunification.  He makes a news program with his friend and shows it on television.  Also, Alex brings old used furniture into their home in order to get rid of capitalistic new items.  When his mother asks him to buy East German pickles which are no longer sold, he even finds an old pickle bottle and fills it with regular ones.  You can feel Alex’s real devotion to his mother.


* Not heavy, But funny  


You would think that this movie would be dark and not interesting at all, because it is about the reunification of Germany.  Even though the background of this movie is somehow serious, the direction and story make people laugh.  Through ridiculous behavior such as making fake news and giving money to children to sing socialist songs, you can enjoy it without serious feelings.



03 Keep Dreaming, Never Forgetting It                        By Cho Ku Yunji

            -Little Miss Sunshine (2006)                           smt_yj @



Olive Hoover, a seven year old girl, has one goal to win a beauty pageant.  Her heroin-addicted grandfather is her coach, and when she becomes a finalist in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant, her whole family takes on the road in an old run-down small bus. The trip is anything but smooth; her father Richard is struggling to promote his self-help program, with no success, mother Sheryl is trying to simply keep her family happyand together, her brother Dwayne will not to speak until he joins the Air Force academy and, to quote himself, "hates everyone," and her uncle Frank must come with them after attempting suicide when he fell in love with one of his male graduate students. The first in a long run of disasters is the bus breaking down, causing them all to push it to get the trip started.  There are many more things, however, which hinder Olive's Little Miss Sunshine career.




* The Way They Deal with Problems


Each of Hoover’s family has experienced failure; love, work, or so.  Even though their troubles are in progress, the whole family goes to California, which leads this trip never to be smooth.  However, with the accumulation of each one’s episodes, without climax, you may feel like you’re reading a fairy tale while watching this movie, smiling.

* Indie Film


If you are accustomed to watch Hollywood’s movies with its great scales, this movie would be unfamiliar to you as this belongs to the field named independent film, namely indie films.  If you want something grand, you won’t be satisfied with it, but after watching, you may be able to be attracted by indie films by its charm.



Photo References

01 - by HEE

02, 03 -

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