You Are the Best Brand Made in Sookmyung
You Are the Best Brand Made in Sookmyung
  • Park Bae Hyewon
  • 승인 2009.03.04 08:39
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As a brand new shampoo was recently released, many media organs were focusing on the three brand managers, Pyo Song-Yeon (Pyo), Park Se-Rin (Park) and Ryu Jee-Yong (Ryu), who created it.  The shampoo was only for men, but ironically, the brand managers were all women, who graduated from a women’s university.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met them to ask them what a brand manager is.  Perhaps you may find out not only what a brand manager is, but how to manage your own life.

 1. SMT: What are the merits and demerits for alumnae working in the same office?  And is there some kind of remarkable identity of Sookmyungians in the office or society?

 ALL (Pyo, Park, Ryu): The reputation and image of Sookmyung Women’s University are very popular, because the state of Sookmyung continuously developing and Sookmyungians’ behavior are influencing this reputation.  The strong point of Sookmyungians may be their calm attitude but staunch character and patience.  Actually, Sookmyung graduates are valued highly in the office.  So we are being careful not to damage our seniors’ reputation.

 2. SMT: Have you ever taken part in special activities in Sookmyung?

 Pyo: When I was a cub reporter for, I experienced several special episodes.  I met various people for interviews, for example, Director Jang Jin, and through these experiences, I learned appropriate manners for treating people.

 Park: I remember the mentor program called ‘How to catch fish’ in which we met experts in various fields and were able to experience a variety of external activities.  Through these activities such as performing missions to cope with various situations and building my own solutions, I found my potential energy and confidence in whatever I do.

 Ryu: It was not a program which directly related to my career, but the mentor program for a musical led by Alumna Moon Hee Kyung remains in my mind.  Some people may think that it was not a practical program but I got a lot of things out of this mentor program with enjoyment.

 3. SMT: What is the concrete business of a brand manager in the sense of managing brands?

 ALL: The main role of the brand manager is generally overseeing 4P mix marketing* .  I think a brand manager is just like a mother who works devotedly to make her children into prize pupils.  From mapping out strategy to deriving new brand concepts and naming, from design to caring for the brand through controlling sales, promotion and advertisement communication, it is the main role of the brand manager to lead and supervise the brand.

 *4P Mix Marketing: As a basic marketing strategy, it indicates blending Product, Price, Place and Promotion, to create synergy.

4. SMT: To appeal to the consumer and sell merchandise to them, is it necessary to major in business administration?

 ALL:Actually, knowledge of management is needed, but majoring in business administration is not essential.  On the contrary, it would be better for a brand manager to be grounded in humanism and artistic sensibility.  It is necessary for a brand manager to have rational logic and keen sensibility because if there is no rational logic, they cannot persuade the consumer and if there is no keen sensibility, they cannot touch the consumer and ultimately, they cannot make the consumer a patron.


5. SMT: As the task of the brand manager is successful communication with not only the consumer but other industries’ employees, there could be much discord in the office.  In the sense that the job requires dealing with many people, is any special character or personality more desirable?

 Pyo: Business Marketing means performing the role of leader, regardless of position. Therefore, for showing your own leadership in order to achieve the brand superbly, your own logic, which could persuade your company rationally, must be established.  However, these words may be too ordinary; the most important thing is listening courteously and admitting others’ opinions, as each department has different standpoints and attitudes.  Mind control is also very important.  Desire and passion for the work are desirable but excessive temper makes friction.  So tuning between other people and my own temper and logical judgment is very cardinal, and this character is related with leadership.


6. SMT: Is there any advice for Sookmyungians who will advance soon into society?

 PARK: I’d like to tell Sookmyungians about my motto: “If you don't live in the way you think, you will think the way you live.”  Spread your wings with your confidence and the belief that you can even change the world.  Then, before long, you’ll find yourself in the situation you had wanted.

 Ryu: Our experience as a student and as a member of society is different.  As times are bad, there are too many students focusing only on employment, since they were freshmen.  Finding your ‘specialty’ is also an important thing in life but it is needed to undergo various experiences which are unique to students.


 Pyo Song-Yeon

Feb 2005: Graduated from Division of Communication, Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU)

Nov 2004: Joined AEKYUNG Marketing Team


Park Se-Rin

Aug 2007: Graduated from Division of Business Administration, SMU

July 2007: Joined AEKYUNG Marketing Team

Ryu Jee-Yong

Feb 2007: Graduated from Division of Business Administration, SMU

July 2007: Joined AEKYUNG Marketing Team

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