Sookmyungian’s Opinions Represented through Contests
Sookmyungian’s Opinions Represented through Contests
  • Hwang Hong Yuhwa
  • 승인 2009.06.04 23:28
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 From May 6 to May 19, the 8th Sookmyung Debating Contest was held, which was sponsored by the SMU Communication Development Center.  According to the Communication Development Center, the Sookmyung Debating Contest is held every year, dealing with different subjects, to foster and educate new women leaders of the coming generation.  Also, through this event, students can find new solutions to current issues actively and with responsibility.  The first Sookmyung Debating Contest was held in 2002 and the subject was ‘Cyber∙Women∙Leadership’; this year, the subject was ‘Economy∙Women∙Leadership.’

 In addition, the 2nd Sookmyung English Essay Contest was held on May 7 on the 2nd floor of the Samsung Convention Center in Centennial Hall.  It was sponsored by the SMU General English Program (GEP).  Before the contest, Hyung-Jin Lee, professor of the Division of English Language & Literature and director of GEP, gave a speech to students to introduce the contest and to encourage them.  This year students could choose one of two questions.  One was about whether celebrities are entitled to preferential treatment, and about their responsibilities as role models.  The other question was regarding whether or not women should also be required to serve their country by performing military service.

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