She Adds Gorgeousness
She Adds Gorgeousness
  • Cho Ku Yunji
  • 승인 2009.06.05 20:49
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If you are interested in Marketing, you may be interested in various brands. Sue Jong Lee (LEE), the brand manager of L’OREAL Korea, deals with many cosmetic brands you have probably heard of: GIORGIO ARMANI, RALPH LAUREN and LANCOME, and broadened her dream in the so called the birthplace of beauty ? Paris, France. This could be a marketer’s dream, but she who enjoys each moment tells you in polite words that it’s no problem at all. The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met LEE and listened to what it is like to have one of the most admirable jobs.


SMT Your major in French Language and Lite rature, but how come you became interested in the marketing field?

LEE Since I was a student, I had been interested in cosmetics and fashion magazines. At that time, I developed my own criteria by myself, and found interest in evaluating some of them by rearranging them. Although my major was not Business Administration, through these procedures, I used to consider each product from the customer’s point of view. Also, majoring in French Language and Literature helped me to become a manager as well. This job needs frequent communication with other people overseas, so in addition to being based in  marketing, language skills are also required.  

SMT Do you remember when your happiest moment while working was?

LEE I always try to focus on the present, but thinking back, I have a recent one. It was the issue of bringing GIORGIO ARMANI to the Lotte Department Store, Myeong-dong branch. It was not an easy job at all. Concentrating on it all the time, I and other members did our best to prepare for the presentation. After that, when I heard, “When will GIORGIO ARMANI open our department store?” from the manager, I was delighted with the sense of achievement.

SMT As the field of beauty and cosmetics changes so fast, how do you usually catch the trends in order to keep up with customers’ needs?

LEE Most of all, all the staff in my company read every single word in fashion magazines, which might not be allowed in other ordinary companies. Also, as I’m in charge of making products look gorgeous, I visit many department stores and other shops to see how they have displayed each item, which strategy the brand has used, and to discover something new.

SMT Which moment reminds you of Sookmyung?

LEE When I meet friends who graduated from Sookmyung, we begin to talk about daily life. Soon, the subject turns to each one’s fashion and cosmetics, which is the beginning of an unavoidable topic work. I find value in those informal comments, as they point out what I couldn’t think of and share their ideas about it. I feel great support from my Sookmyung friends even though I have graduated.

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