Next Global Leader, Go Ahead with S Leadership Youth Camp
Next Global Leader, Go Ahead with S Leadership Youth Camp
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong
  • 승인 2009.09.07 17:58
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From August 1 to 2, 2009, the 5th S Leadership Youth Camp was held in the Samsung Convention Center, the 5th floor lecture rooms in Centennial Hall and the dormitory. S Leadership Youth Camp has a purpose to train high school students to be next-generation global leaders with Sookmyung leadership. Through various curriculums, camp and E-Learning students can build global leadership ability by learning identity and action. On the first day, attendants participated in many leadership programs like leadership games, a leadership crash course and a ‘Fighting, my life!’ course which heard lectures of SMU’s professors. Kim Yeji, a senior student of Jungang Girl’s High School, said, “Primarily, my dream is always thinking by myself. But through this leadership camp, I can view my final goal learly.” On the second day, students consulted leadership diagnosis and had a workshop. Then they completed the course of SLeadership Youth Camp and received a diploma in the name of President Young Sil Han. Yim Su-A, a Chinese Language and Literature student and vicepresident of ABLE which is a service leadership group of SMU said, “This camp is a chance to amplify attendants’ dreams. I was so pleased that ABLE’s members have the responsibility to help this camp.”

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