Preparing for Successful Careers
Preparing for Successful Careers
  • Yun Jung Ji-hye
  • 승인 2007.04.06 20:07
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SMU and KMA (Korea Management Association) are offering great opportunities for students to learn about employment education and how to improve job achievement skills.  A job fair of the "Job Skill Development Program" was held on March 6 at the Suryeon Faculty Building in room 101. 

This program was prepared for practical personnel management and marketing.  Twenty students have been selected and are being trained and oriented for 32 hours and common training every Saturday beginning March 31 through June 2.  In this program, students can improve their job skills and experience internship at enterprises for excellent students. 

Also, those who attend a lecture for more than 32 hours can receive the certification in the name of the chairman of the Career and Development Center, KMA and one credit. 

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