Seoul without Soul
Seoul without Soul
  • Park Bae Hyewon
  • 승인 2009.10.09 22:42
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Sex and the City, a famous American drama, portrays a gorgeous and sophisticated life style in New York.  After Sex and the City’s popularity, “New York” has become synonymous with “urban image.”  If so, what can be a synonym of Seoul?



Another Name for a Fake New-yorker?


Insadong culture plaza is assigned as a street of traditional culture.  The street is 0.7 km long


and 12 meters wide.  As the street is a small place, no matter how much Korean Soul and tradition are there, it is insufficient, but now, it is tainted with merchandise of other countries or other cities.   Especially, international coffee house chains, and desserts of brunch shops are evident.  The shops have already prevailed in other areas, not only in Seoul, but all over .  Foreign cultures are invading a zone of traditional culture in Seoul.  Why would a Seoulite who enjoys Seoul, volunteers to become a fake New-yorker or fake Parisian-Seoulite, have no pride in their city.  That is the difference between a Seoulite and a New-Yorker or a Parisian.



Whose Culture for Culturenomics?


Recently, Seoul City is carrying out various cultural projects for Seoul made under the catchphrase,


“Culturenomics,” which aims to have economic effect through the city’s culture.  There are colorful events such as exhibition, performances and the chance of experiences.  However, without an original Seoul identity, it is easy to degenerate into an expendable name, Culturenomics.



What it is cared under the Chuma


It is desirable that creating economic value through Culture.  However, whose culture, what kind of culture organizes culturenomics?  Can citizens always say that only superior and rational culture survives in the age of competitive?  If Seoul would like to grow into genuine cultured city which can make economic added value, they have no choice but find out, conserve and develop Korean and seoulite identity.  Seoulite also should hold to enjoy it spontaneously with pride.  To Seoul, not only , it’s time to fulfill Chuma, Korean eaves, which defend Korean culture against recklessness infiltration of foreign culture.




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