Free for Sookmyungians
Free for Sookmyungians
  • Hong Lee Minji
  • 승인 2009.11.05 20:29
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On September 16, CHANGE, the 41st student government, tooled up a cellular phone battery charger and a copying machine in front of the Student Union Building room 408.  Each month, forty thousand sheets of paper with advertisements printed on one side are supported by a company monthly.  All Sookmyungians can use them for free.  “It’s much faster and better than I thought.  But there is one problem that paper jams often, but I’m glad to use it.  And I hope that the fees of other copying machines on campus also become free or lower-priced,” said Yim Hyeain in the Division of Law 06’.  Heo Heesu in the Department of Political Science and International Relations 01’, the vice president of the student government, said, “The fees of copying machines on our campus are more expensive than at other universities.  So we tooled up to promote the welfare of students.  We are also test-running the charger. We will report the utilization and request chargers in other buildings.”

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