IT Machinery Aid from Samsung to come true Kim's Dreams
IT Machinery Aid from Samsung to come true Kim's Dreams
  • Jang Oh Yukyeong
  • 승인 2009.11.05 20:37
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On October 9, a ceremony for delivering IT assisting machinery for Kim Kyungmin (KIM), who is a visually handicapped and undergraduate in the Division of Education in SMU, was held in Han Sang Eun Lounge located on 7th floor in Centennial Hall.  This event was sponsored by Seoul Assistive Service Center and Student Culture and Welfare in SMU and supported by Samsung SDS.  The Community Volunteers in Samsung SDS have decided to offer for free IT assisting machinery, which is produced only for visually handicapped people, for KIM.  Chung Seokmog, who is a director in Samsung SDS, delivered a certificate for awarding IT assisting machinery to KIM. KIM said, “In order to go abroad to study, I needed IT machinery, so I am very pleased that I am aided it for free from Samsung SDS.  After enough studying abroad in order to be a consultant for rehabilitation, I will come back to Korea to give my aid to a lot of people.”

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