Creative Anyway!
Creative Anyway!
  • Hwang Hong Yuhwa
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Have you ever heard about creative director?  Dictionary meaning of creative director is a position within the advertising, media or  entertainment industries, web development and soft development.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) in this issue met Ko Bong Hwa (KO) and heard about her story of life and business.

SMT What is a creative director?
KO It could be understood in a broad sense. There are many creative
directors in many fields such as performance, construction, and art.  However, I use the title ‘creative director’ because I have a job of directing acts and behaviors that are creative. My company BongFlower Creative Anyway, as you can guess from its name, we consider creativity most important and it also means we do everything associated with creativity.  We have three designers in our company and I call them creators for they not only do design but they also produce and make goods.  The process is not just making goods, but we add creativity to all of things we produce.  We always try to think how
it could be more creative and how we can make a unique dealer network, how can we do more sophisticated sales promotions. So we are not only designers, but creators.  And I am the director who gives direction to the creators, so that’s why I use the title creative director.
SMT What does your company, Bong Flower Creative Anyway do?
KO Our company was founded in 2003.  I’ll explain what our company
does now, because we pursue all work related to creativity.  So we do a
number of very different jobs, but they are all in common in that they
need creativity.  Basically we are designing and making goods. Recently, we launched a brand named Pros & Cons, and we sell products both on-line and in stores.  Other then it, we produce brands’ VIP present.
SMT What do you think most important thing in making products?  Is there your own principle?
KO We do not only work for money.  Although it’s important to earn money, but how you earn money is much more important.  You can work in the company with high salary, but if you are not enjoying it and if you just work for money, it would be painful.  So I think work with delight is important.  Although sometimes each creator can have adversity, we always try to work pleasurably and with passion.
SMT You graduated in the Department of French Language and Culture, and you worked in the Institute of France Guide, and also in many companies. How do you think this career affected you?
KO When I went to school, the knowledge I learned in class, like the literature of French authors like Albert Camus, I really liked.  I did marketing PR in Givenchy, and Estee Lauder.  All successive things have quietly influenced me.  I worked in the beauty industry which is a prestige market, not a mass market overall, as I look back on my career.  So I learned what the consumers who are in the market want. Also, as a person who majored in French, although the utilization in real life is not that active, it was a big chance to break my fixed idea that was affected and made through Korean society.  I always wanted to see the things through the point of view comprehensively, critically.

SMT What is the most valuable point, and what is the most difficult point?
KO When we create a product and if clients are really satisfied, it is one of the most worthwhile moments.  For
example, Cartier asked us to make a price display for jewelry and watch.  They wanted an inconspicuous price
display to make the jewelry look better.  We worked on it for several days and finally we made it and the reaction was perfect.  Also there are hard times.  I’m a young and single lady.  It’s not the big problem but sometimes it still
matters in Korean society.  When I work subcontract with a company, the people who work there are usually men much older than me.  So when I work with them, they basically don’t think that this young woman could be a president of a company.  Of course there are more and more young entrepreneurs, but our society still has a stereotype that men are more prudent.  The other problem is, because our workers are all women, sometimes its fearful when we work at night.
SMT What is your final goal you want to achieve through this company?
KO I’m making money now for my life, but I want to make our own brand which is not only targeting the domestic market, but also the international market.  Basically, I’m not meaning a company like global conglomerates, but I want my company to be solid and recognized globally. In addition, the philosophy
of my company is acknowledged by many people and we could ensure the hiche market.
SMT Lastly, advise Sookmyungians with any advice for life.
KO I want Sookmyungians to be more agressive.  In addition, I want Sookmyungians to do their best at their position.  Your matter of concern and preference will change, so it’s not that important to determine what you are going to do when you graduate.  Just work out everything you are concerned and enjoy it. 

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