You Are the Pride of Sookmyung
You Are the Pride of Sookmyung
  • Hong Lee Minji
  • 승인 2009.11.07 05:23
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On October 13, the ceremony of the honor prize of a semester was held in the Samsung Convention Center which is located on the second floor of Centennial Hall.  Many students, parents, and professors attended. President Young Sil Han gave opening remarks.  The top grade students received a
testimonial and a book by President Han.  The students on the honor prize also received a testimonial by deans of each college. Students who received the global area core talent scholarship received the certificate.  After the conferment ceremony, two students sang songs for congratulation, followed by case presentation by student Jung Min Yim. Da Gyung Lee who received
the prize again, Department of Vocal Music 07’ said “It is a great honor for me and I’m so glad. I’ll do my best to receive it again.” Lim Yunjeong, Division of Communication 09’ said “Thanks for the great ceremony to make us feel proud in the honor prize.  I thought president’s remarks encouraged students.  As a freshman, I’d like to receive the prize every semester.”

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