Color, It Is Clothed the Name of Psychology
Color, It Is Clothed the Name of Psychology
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong
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‘The psychology test recognized with color.’  Almost everyone, especially women, have been tested like this in Internet or style magazines at least once.  Many people like knowing about their own psychology.  How about you?  Don’t you wonder about compounding color and psychology?  Now, the Sookmyung Times (SMT) goes to the gorgeous and colorful world with Dean, Korea Institute of Color Analysis Psychology, Kim Seoung ja (KIM).

Take 1, What is Color Psychology?

* Color
Color made by light influences the spirit and emotion to improve body’s functioning like skin revitalization.  Also, color raises unlimited emotion and aesthetic association so it gives psychological and physiological effects.

* Psychology
Color has a grade of comfort or discomfort and emotion according to that, so every color raises not only preference but also psychological effects.  Color can be sensed as warm, safe, cool and dangerous to people who perceive.  Emotion is recognized individually from color characters and from harmony between colors or association process about some objects.

* Therapy
From ancient times, people have believed that color has power to curing diseases, so they used color to remedy like sunbath and transmission of stained glass, and the effort has continued.  The human’s body has seven chakras, which are body’s energy centers and placed in the backbone.  When color is applied in body according to each chakra, people feel a sense of stability and therapeutic effect.  Likewise, color has curing effect in remedy and prevention of the body rhythm’s disproportion.

Take 2, Curious Questions & Clear Answers

Q. What is the difference between color psychology and art therapy?

A. Art therapy does psychological therapy watching shapes and pencil’s pressure and position, but color psychology can perform psychological analysis through any color in paper independent of drawing ability.  However, the ways of consulting clients’ unconsciousness is very similar.

Q. Are various psychological tests related with colors in Internet effective in understanding one’s own psychology?

A. Color analyses are positive analysis, negative analysis and minus analysis.  These are very various so exact psychological grasp with the tests is a little unreasonable.  For example, one selects red color, she is very passionate and active but has aggressive and impetuous character at once, and it has to be analyzed with many mathematical calculations through what the next colors she selected are.  Also, the result is different according to similarity and improvement, too.

Q. The symbol color of Sookmyung Women’s University is dark blue.  What is the color character of dark blue?

A. In Japan, there is human color counseling techniques finding colors through birthdays.  The dark blue is a ‘business man’ with a cycle of life.  Dark blue is a color which comes under the forehead in chakra so it can make full use of the brain’s intellect.  In addition, dark blue is the color of the sea.  In outward appearance, the sea is very deep, so people don’t see anything, but under the sea, there are a lot of underground resources.  Likewise, it has fertile wisdom and works fast without time waste, that is, the dark blue is an intelligent and active character’s color.

Take 3, The Symbol Color’s Mean in the Movie

Movie M (2007): Mystery, Memory, Misty and Muse.  These four words are main keywords of the movie.  The Movie’s hero is the bestseller novelist, Minwoo.  Someday, he entered the ‘Lupin Bar’ and met Mimi, who is his first love, and she’s wearing a purple dress.  The purple color in a lady’s dress means ‘a lady of refined manners, and it symbolizes instability, misfortune, death, mystery, grace and dignity, generally. In this movie about ‘dream,’ scenes which mean the M’s typical color, purple, all appeared.


Movie Legally Blonde (2001): Heroine, Elle woods has blond hair and likes the color ‘pink’ so much.  This movie contradicts the prejudice that ‘The blonde beauties are idiots’ through showing that a woman only concerned about fashion and beauty entered Harvard Law School and did a better job than anyone else.  What she colored pink won in the authoritative law court, and the symbols are throwing out prejudice about ‘pink’ being thought of as a womanish and weak color.


* Dean’s Recommended Colors for Sookmyungians

Pink: pink is a happy color because of gaining other affections and good relationships.

Orange: orange is a color reflecting future challenge, sociality, and power of expression.

Desire to become a woman who expresses herself confidently, feels a sense of challenge toward the future, is always full of dreams from happiness, and loves beautiful lovers and people around you.

Dean KIM said, in present-day Korea, many psychological remedies have made progress for disabled people, multi cultural gametes, family troubles, depression and aggression.  People who want to become specialists about color have to learn all about general understanding about color, learning various color psychology therapies, analysis which can understand painting with color, color coaching, and human color from Japan.  After a final course, 300 hours of clinics and example presentation through clinics, they can work as a color psychology therapist, professor, and counselor.  Recently, color psychology analysis is often used in brand image marketing (color marketing) and a new job of ‘colorist’ has appeared.  Color psychology’s employments and future views are very colorful.  Color is always around you.  Now, how can you imagine the combination of color and psychology?

Kim Seoung Ja

Dean, Korea Institute of Color Analysis Psychology
Graduated from Major of Western Painting in Kyonggi University
Graduated from Major of Western Painting in Kyonggi University Graduate
Graduated from Major of Art Therapy in Dongguk University Graduate School of Culture and Art
Graduated from Major of Art Therapy in Graduate School of Yeungnam University
America recognition Art Therapist
Acquisition color psychology lecturer license of Hear & Color


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