Adieu 2009...
Adieu 2009...
  • Hong Lee Minji
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December, it's the end of year.  The sorrow of parting and the expectation of new meeting coexist in December.  Finishing and preparation also coexist in December.  How was 2009 to exchange students in an unfamiliar palace?  In this issue, the Sookmyung Times (SMT) listened to farewells of exchange students who lived as Sookmyungians in 2009.

1. What was the happiest moment in Sookmyung Women's University (SMU) or Korea?
2. What was the painful moment in SMU or Korea?
3. What do you think of SMU?
4. Who would you especially like to thank?

Adeclas Joanne

Major in Social Psychology
I like K- pop.  I like Superjunior and 2PM.  I also like Korean dramas like Iljimae and Man Boys Over Flowers.  I will come back to Korea next August, because I love Korea.

1. I think it was when I joined a Korean inline skater team.  I became friends with a lot of Koreans and have a lot of fun with them.

2. I did not have any painful moments in Korea or SMU, I really fully enjoyed my life in Korea and have a lot of good memories.

3. In France, we do not have women’s university.  It was a challenge for me to adjust to this university since it’s specialty is women's leadership.  I was really attracted by the slogan of the university and I thought it would be a good experience, and it was.  I like the ambitious aim of our university to promote women's leadership.  SMU helped me to become more confident, enlarge my social network, and to be in competition with other students.  It was the first time for me to be in competition.  At first, I did not like it, but now I understand it and I want to do my best to become a leader woman.

4. First, thank you for the international office to accept me to participate at this exchange student program.  Second, thank you Ms. Moon, she is a teacher in French literature.  Thank you for your advice and generosity.

Mizuno Emi


Major in English Language and Literature
I think Koreans are so passionate and kind.  It was very impressive.  Thank you.  I love Korea! I'll be back someday.

1. I went to the dream concert with my friends.  I saw my favorite singers Superjunior and Kara.  It was so interesting.

2. When I came to Korea at first, Korean was difficult.  At that time I could only read.  But now I can speak in Korean.  I didn’t have trouble with food, because I like spicy food.

3. I chose SMU, because it has specialty for learning English.  I thought that would be helpful for my English, because I major in English language and literature in Japan.  It’s also really convenient because it is a women’s university.  And I was surprised because many students keep studying every day, not only in campus, but also at home.  I thought it is SMU!

4. I appreciate my friends, roommates, and Mary in the international office.

Zhang Yongyue


Major in Psychology
I like the studying atmosphere of SMU and the relationships between students.  I like Korean culture, too.

1. My life in SMU was very good.  I enjoyed the classes and students very much.  I made many Korean friends in school and had good relationships with them.  I took jazz dance class and yoga class, and that's very interesting. SMU also held many special activities for our international students.  I still remember the first time I made a cut by myself.

2. I think learning was interesting and hard for me.  I have never learned Korean before came to Korea, so it was really hard for me to communicate with teachers and classmates at the beginning.  Thanks to my buddy Zhihui. Thanks to her help, I learned Korean fast, and now I can make basic or harder conversation with Koreans.  The homework is the other point to make me crazy.  You know, professors in SMU always give lots of homework, but now I've gotten used to this already.

3. I think SMU is good.  I’m proud of being here for one year.  SMU has excellent facilities, professors, hard working students, and comfortable surroundings.

4. As I have said above, I really appreciate Zhihui.  She helps me a lot, and she is one of my good friends in Korea. I also appreciate the professors who have taught me this year.  As I can't understand Korean well, the professors gave me a lot of help, and my classmates did, too.

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