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 It is natural to misunderstand that the picture of Lee Rim (Lee) is photo, not painting because of the delicacy portrayal.  But, ironically, the pictures of Lee say invisible things.  She takes picture also while at her work. However, ultimately, she is camera rather than photographer who capture moments which can not be filled in film. What is the message that she wants to express on canvas?

SMT What is your unique work method?
LEE The method is the way I submitted as assignment when I was an undergraduate student.   After applying colors on my body, I play what I want to say in front of the camera.  Then, the camera snaps my performance as still shots and finally, I draw the photos as a picture.
SMT What is a concrete genre of your work?
LEE As the method mixed various genres, it is hard to call it only a painting.  However, I’d like to say its essential genre is painting because the ultimate purpose of performance and taking pictures is to express what I want to express on canvas.  Above all, performance is only once for all and a photo can be last a long time but it can be copied.  However, in that painting created by me is the only one but lasts permanently, I feel attracted to painting art.
SMT Then what is difference between painting and the other genres, not only performance or photography, but


From December, 15 to 22, at SETEC
located in Hakyeoul,KOREA TOMORROW, a design exhibition is going
to be held.


The exhibition intends to mixing design and Korean sensibility and identity. Among many artists who participate the exhibition, there is a Sookmyungian, Lee Rim.



literature and music?
LEE Painting seems primary.  In case of literature, recipients need time to understanding the plot development. Compared with literature, painting is restricted a little.  More than anything else, painting is fascinating in that it passes through little vehicle.  For example, in the case of music, it needs various operations like recording and mixing to bring it to other people who are not at the same time or same place.  However, once I draw a picture, people have a chance to enjoy it and be inspired anytime wherever they are.  Needless to say, however, music, literature and pictures are bound together by a category called creation.
SMT What are you interested in for your work theme?
LEE At first, I was interested in consensus.  So I made many works about it.  When I look back on it now, at that time, that’s why I have much time to share with other people.  As I was an undergraduate student, I had many opportunities for joint operation.  Then, I used to spot myself being similar with other friends.  The fact was so exciting to me.  But recently, I’m concentrating on emotion or sentiment rather than consensus, especially, sentiments which cannot be explained by language.


SMT Then you may need to concentrate on your emotion or sentiment. Is there any knowhow to discover yourself?
LEE I totally recommend writing a diary.  Writing on paper is more effective than on the computer like a mini homepage diary.  When you read your past, it is not ended up only what did you do in a certain day.  While you read your history, you can detect the way you speak, the words you use frequently.  Then you can see how you live with certain emotions or sentiment.  Started from think about yourself, your thinking spreads from place to place.  These thoughts assemble and make inspiration and the inspiration is born as a work.

Lee Rim
2007 Graduated from Department of Painting in Sookmyung
Women's University (SMU)
2007 Participated in Group Exhibitions like the Affordable Art
Fair Autumn Collection 2007 (Battersea Park, London, UK)
2008 Held Solo Exhibitions; Consensus
Now in Graduate School in Department of Visual Art in SMU



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