Brand Shim Sunhye, the Opening Sookmyungian in the Chosun Ilbo
Brand Shim Sunhye, the Opening Sookmyungian in the Chosun Ilbo
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong / Reporter
  • 승인 2010.03.09 01:50
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Have you thought ‘I can’t do it,’ or ‘I will never enter the company  because I’m a Sookmyungian?’ If you thought like that at least once during your time here, you should give attention to this interview with Shim Sunhye (SHIM) who is the first Sookmyungian journalist of the Chosun Ilbo. The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met her who has a lot of skill about counter ideas and doesn’t limit herself. Please, listen carefully to her real story about her life as a journalist.


SMT  It is said that you gave a unique answer which is different from other people in a personal interview for
entering the Chosun Ilbo.

SHIM  I said that I want to write soft and tender articles when other people said that I will become a journalist to realize justice and truth of society.  If you ask me why I answered that way, I say because I thought about why the Sookmyungians weren’t in the Chosun Ilbo.  As you know, journalists have to meet people of various fields.  One group of people journalists can contact easily are fellow university alumni.  But unfortunately, my academic clique didn’t help me compared with other people who graduated from big-name universities, and that’s why there aren’t Sookmyungians in the Chosun Ilbo.  So I thought about what I could do.  I could approach people between human and human as examples for articles about life and entertainment.  It was better to me than approaching with academic clique.  And I said those soft articles are also a part of newspaper.  This is why the Chosun Ilbo isn’t popular to the youth, because it doesn’t cover those soft fields.  In politics or economics, the Chosun Ilbo is good, but in the rest, it isn’t fun. It is a counter idea.  Change your thinking creatively.


SMT Do you think that entering the Chosun/ JoonAng/ Dong-A Ilbo is so hard to Sookmyungians?

SHIM Before entering the company, I sent in an intern application to CJ Media. In CJ Media application’s standards, you don’t need to write your TOEIC score certainly but we treat preferentially fluent English speakers, so I didn’t write my TOEIC score, but I was the only one who didn’t write my TOEIC score.  Everybody was doubtful that I had any confidence.  However, if there isn’t TOEIC score in standards, the company wants any other things, not score.  So I said that I like to associate with other people and can do PR work well because I was an ambassador of SMU.  If you study English skill can improve, but things like leadership don’t just improve from studying.  If you engage me, I will study English and use my good points at work.  I was employed. I don’t think entering the Chosun/ JoonAng/ Dong-A Ilbo is not hard anymore.  Of course academic clique is important, but you have to contend for victory with your real ability.  One person entered that already.  Next two, three, and more people will be easier than in the past.


SMT You have been also a cub reporter. Was being a cub reporter so hard to you?

SHIM My fellows and I talk about that when we were cub reporters while drinking.  The seniors put pressure on us to do a lot of irrational works like covering accidents or prostrating all night and waiting in front of the murder’s home all day.  Our generation grew up well-being so we don’t understand those.  One person said that I don’t know why a newspaper which is a rational organization makes us do those irrational works.  Then, the other said the world is originally irrational.  Frankly speaking, a life of a journalist can’t be rational according to the word because we do work the most related with the ways of life.  Speaking in images, I think a cub reporter’s time is building muscles when building up one’s body.  It is a stupid way but the same time, the way is the most effective way to grow up as a real journalist.  I didn’t think that when I was a cub report but after the time, if I didn’t bear the time, I could not bear anything.

SMT Do you have a comment to SMU’s journalists of the future?

SHIM Many people who dream of becoming journalists know only the press.  And they pay a lot of attention to 'Name Value.’ In the past, the number of readers has a lot of power and bears no resemblance because many journalists want to change the world.  But now, journalists can compete equally because it is the era of the Internet. If you write articles well, although you are a reporter of minor newspapers, your articles can be valued highly. Think about whether you want to become a journalist or you want to become a member of a major company.  In fact, I also thought I didn’t go minor newspapers.  But a job which is journalist is so hard and not a job which can has well-being life.  Think about those demerits.  Who becomes a journalist?  The people who have inquiring minds can do better than others.  The journalist is a job which announces and shows information fast to anxious people through curiosity.  I was very nervous before taking the ChosunIlbo’s recruitment exam.  I thought continually ‘if I can’t, if I don’t...’ I asked my father what I should do if I don’t enter the company?  He asked me why I try what you think you can’t?  Try what you think you can.  If I thought so continually,  I could not enter the Chosun Ilbo. No one strips a candy wrapper thinking, “I can’t eat it.”  Don’t think that.  Though you try what you can, you will fail. Making my dream come true is not easy.  Throw away negative thinking and you can have confidence.  I'm sure many companies need and want brand called name of us, for example Shim Sunhye.  Cheer up!  Be brave!  Believe in your own brand.

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