The Month of Hope, March
The Month of Hope, March
  • Park Kim Haena/Editor in chif
  • 승인 2010.03.09 12:41
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Hi!  Sookmyungians.  Long time no see.  2010 has already come.

Winter’s heavy snowfalls and severe cold came to an end.  How does it feel to be in front of spring?  March means new semester starts and new beginning.  March’s street is filled with the sounds of a fresher mind’s footprints.  Sookmyungians welcome undergraduates ‘10 and a newly decorated school also welcomes us.  My heart is all aflutter in anticipation of the new semester but, on the other hand I think time flies.  It seems surreal that I’m already a junior year.  I feel when I was freshman the time went at 10km but when I was a sophomore it went at 20km. Maybe this year will pass even faster so I decided to struggle to make this year’s plan succeed.

Last winter, I had a very special experience.  I participated in ‘2009 Sookmyung Global Explore’ and traveled to Paris, France.  The plan was not long, one week, but the time was enough to visit Paris.  This travel was the best in my life.  I planned to learn French as a double major last year.  Before learning French, I got to have chance to notice about this country and feel how beautiful Paris is.  Through this chance, I gained incentive to learn and study French hard. Not only that, I realized how important travel is for me and how much people need travel.  It’s my individual story; I always have stomach disorders and skin ailments due to lots of stress.  However, in Paris I didn’t have any pain in my stomach and my skin became nice.  While traveling, I ate delicious things, saw beautiful things, only did what I wanted, and enjoyed the time pleasantly forgetting many things I have to do in Korea, and got out of my complex life. Hence, after traveling, I became healthier.  Traveling helps to release my stress and treated my mental and bodily illness.  As a member of Global Explorer, I am going to show and explain what projects we did and how my feelings about Paris.  I hope your semester beginning will be nice and enjoy the warmer days of spring.

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