Sing Your Dreams, Singer-Songwriter Lala
Sing Your Dreams, Singer-Songwriter Lala
  • Park Kim Injin / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.04.03 12:06
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Are you certain about what you really want to do in the future?  If you are not, give attention to this passionate singer-songwriter.  She debuted with the name ‘Orange Lara’ and released her first album ‘Private’ in 2007.  “I can’t stop me from what I love to do.”  She said with a sparkle in her eyes.  Lala graduated from Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) in Division of English Language and Literature and followed her heart to be a singer-songwriter.  Challenges will not scare her as she is determined to overcome them.


SMT  Is there a special moment that influenced you to become a singersongwriter?
Lala  My mother is a vocalist and my older sister graduated from the College of Music and this affected me a lot, I think.  I simply grew up with music and music was always around me.  I also played violin when I was young.  When I was in Japan, I admired divas like Mariah Carey.  As young people love pop songs nowadays, my major interest was also the same when I was a teenager.  I wanted to combine classic and pop. This led me to dream about becoming a singer-songwriter.


SMT  Did you face any difficulties being a singer-songwriter?
Lala  Every hard moment became a valuable lesson for me.  I considered those difficulties as a crucial fact that everyone would go through.  I think a singer particularly depends on luck more than anyone else.  Of course, I had several moments when I wanted to quit and give up.  However, I didn't, because I loved what I was doing.  If you are about to have an adventure, certainly there will be a risk following after it.  I also knew all the risks I would face in the future, but I had to do it as I wanted nothing but this.  I thank myself for taking a firm stand up to this moment.  I'll continue my career with all my effort.


SMT  What do you think is the most important thing as a singer? And do you have your own view of music?
Lala  It is hard to define music.  I think songs are like letters and singers are the messengers who deliver those letters to audiences.  A singer is not a fancy job as most people think.  I am a singer and a performer at the same time.  Whatever happens, I must fulfill audiences' expectation as a singer.  It is very important to be strict in selfdiscipline. Moreover, we must not hide anything and be ready to share all the emotions we have with others.  ‘Darling’ is the title song of my first album and the lyrics are about myself.  The music video is also directed based
on my very own true story.


SMT  How can Sookmyungians find out what they want to do in the future?
Lala  I would like to ask them to sit and write down simple things they like.  The things might be an apple, listening to music, watching movies, or playing computer games.  Just anything you like.  Find out what your interests are.  This can be the start.  I think it is very important that you do what you enjoy.  When you find out your interests, it is time for you to put them into an action. You should experience many things, and be creative.  Throw away your fixed perception of jobs.  You don't have to put yourself into an existing occupation, but create one for yourself.  For example, if you like ice cream and decorating, why not be an ice cream designer?


SMT  Lastly, please give some valuable advices to Sookmyungians.

Lala  I ask you to try your best on what you need to be doing at the present.  Of course, it is good to have your plans for far away future but, focus more on today and tomorrow.  Always be passionate with the things that you have at the moment.  Then, you will be prepared when the chance has come to you.  Lastly, if you are a Sookmyungian, you’ve already achieved a great career.  You should be proud and don't forget that you are already becoming nearer and nearer to your dream every instant.


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