Open the Used Book Market for Sookmyungians
Open the Used Book Market for Sookmyungians
  • Park Lee Dahye / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.04.06 00:51
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From March 9 to 10, 2010, the used book market was held in a square in front of Queen Sunheon Building.  This is the first time to open such market in SMU.  It was a place that people sell and buy the used books freely.  There were various books people need to study for students.  Also, the used book’s prices were dependent on the book seller.  Since this market was operated by THE CHANGE, the 42nd Student Government, once purchased books were not allowed refunds.  In fact, before opening it, it was took a long time to prepare for it because THE CHANGE collected a lot of used books from Sookmyungians who wanted to participate in it and sell unnecessary books.  And most of Sookmyungians didn’t know they could sell their books.  So far, to buy a new book and sell a used book, a lot of students go to a book store or use only a board of SMU’s web site.  However, this market helps many Sookmyungians to not only deal with unnecessary books but also get books with a reasonable price.  THE CHANGE said “As we begin to plan for open the market in next semester, we need a lot of participation and attention of Sookmyungians.”  After the market closed, the books that weren’t sold were returned to book sellers again or processed by THE CHANGE.

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