Expansion of Supporting 2010 Global Explore
Expansion of Supporting 2010 Global Explore
  • Kim Jung Jiwon / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.04.06 00:53
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SMU enlarged the support fund for enrolled students to develop global capabilities and to propel the internationalization of each major.  The office of International Affairs began to 2010 Global Explore Program specialized in each characteristic of majors which is forming a part of the Sookmyung Semester Abroad Program (SSAP), one of the SMU Blue Ribbon Projects.  From this year, the Global Explore Program will be scheduled to send more than 20 groups which consist of seven students each instead of four.  Therefore, the scale of this program will be expanded to almost three times what it was in the past.  Existing four members in one group system was replaced to seven members in one group.  According renewed system, each group has to be consisted of same major students.   The Office of International Affairs explained, "Through companion with guide professor and global learning by major unit, this reform of program will contribute to the invigoration of international exchange specializing in each major."  A new Ongoing Program has also been developed for students who were received Global Explore benefits before to participate again for improving and developing their former performance.  So not only first applicants, but also former participants who took part in the 2009 Winter Global Explore can apply again.

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