Employment Clinic Festival Held in Sookmyung
Employment Clinic Festival Held in Sookmyung
  • Park Kim Injin / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.04.06 00:55
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Career Development Center (CADE Center) has offered 130 graduate students an Employment Clinic Festival last October and November.  The 130 participants graded their satisfaction out of 5.0 and the average grade resulted in a high satisfaction, 4.5/5.0.  Therefore SMU held the second Employment Clinic Festival for graduate students and seniors in the Multi-purpose Hall, which is located in the Administration Building.  The second Employment Clinic Festival held from March 11 to March 23. SMU invited six special consultants including corporate executives.  There were no entry fees as SMU covered all the expenses.  Total 60 graduate students were involved and they had a chance to have a one to one clinic program with special consultants.  The clinic program ran from 10AM to 05:30PM.  All the participants were required to apply for three clinics and to be present for all three days.  The Employment Clinic Festival was organized with clinic programs of ‘skills to write a personal statement in Korean and English’ and ‘skills for a successful interview in Korean and English.’

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