Brighten Up Your Dream!
Brighten Up Your Dream!
  • Sah Kim Hyesun / Senior Report
  • 승인 2010.05.08 00:27
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“I think a light can vitalize a space” Jang Youngsun (JANG) smiled.  The beautiful harmony of Saekdong (A Korean word which means ‘various colors’) and a Korean style folding screen, Byungpoong, fascinates people and brings an image of Korea to their mind.  When she turned off the light, various colors of light shined Byungpoong as if it showed off their beauty.


SMT  (The Sookmyung Times) What inspired you to make a lightening folding screen which added Korean-styled patterns and images?

 In my childhood, my parents were making folding screens and running a gallery which displayed and sold them, so I came to appreciate folding screens and Eastern paintings.  After I grew up, when I found the source of my design, folding screens and paintings that I always saw at the gallery led me to create a new design.  As a design major, they naturally came to be my items and the harmony of tradition and modern is always my homework to figure out as a designer.  Because of my parents’ craftsmanship, I was impressed that they could bring folding screens to life. Therefore, I was eager to harmonize Western and Eastern culture in my work and finally formed a new field of art design which installed a light into a folding screen.  That is, I was inspired by my parents’ mind and spirit to the art and wanted to inherit theirs.’ Also the pieces of work and environment which I experienced in my childhood became motivation and inspiration of my creation.  After completing my work, I won the first prize in the 37th Korea Industry Design Exhibition, and applied for a patent.


SMT  You opened the first private exhibition whose topic is about nature and hieroglyphics1. What do you
think about the harmony of nature, tradition, and art?

  I think, people living in a complicated society want to learn from and return to nature.  I believe tradition makes people feel comfortable and think simply.  The reason why I concentrate on nature is all about the feeling.  I want humans in modern society to ‘feel’ sensitivity.  I put this feeling into my art and reinterpreted it to keep people's hearts warm, and to provide a resting place.  Also, the second exhibition, centered about an artwork with stripes of many colors, Saekdong.  I focused on a new interpretation of Saekdong and drawing goods in a Korean traditional reception room in a house for male guests, Sarang bang. Also, Chaekgado (Korean folk painting) filled with a hope of noble writers, and letters and paintings which pray for human happiness and symbolize the origin of humanity.  These contents stimulated my artistic inspiration and created my lightening folding screens which harmonize with nature, traditon, and art.


SMT  What is the reason which makes you develop art accessories like diary, name card case, T-money card?

JANG  I did develop many commercialized products of my work such as a diary, a key ring, dish, cushion, T-money, and indoor lights, because I want many people to easily understand and access my artwork which contains the beauty of the Orient and its deep meaning.  I thought my work can get close to people and their life with commercialized products.  Also I dream of making a total living of my design to get into people’s daily life.  These products are now exhibited and purchased in Sarangchae (the same word as Sarangbang) of Blue House, Cheonghwadae for foreign visitors.


SMT  What purpose do you want your artworks to serve?

JANG  I’m running a store called Vimstory.  A meaning of ‘Vim’ in my brand contains ‘pray’ in a pure Korean word.  When people come back to home late at night from the workplace, they feel secure and comfortable in their home.  I want my works to be naturally involved in the house where people feel safe and relaxed like a comma in the sentence.  I ‘pray’ for it.


At the end of meeting, she said

Do what you really want to do.  Those experiences will gather to make you perfect and build up my own identity.  I believe they help me untangle the knot of complicated and mixed ideas.  First of all, don’t lose yourself.  In other words, you should know your identity and dream even if you are playing hard.  If you are confident with  don’t lose yourself, the heaven will help you.

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