Rainbow in Life
Rainbow in Life
  • Park Kim Haena / Eitor-in Chie
  • 승인 2010.05.08 12:06
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Have you ever seen a rain bow?  I remebered having seen the rainbow last year.  When I walked for a long time and became to be exhausted, I looked up the sky.  At that time, suddenly, the most awesome rainbow appeared, just above me.  So I could see every distinct and brilliant color.  I stopped walking and I stared in awe at this wonderful sight.  I can still remeber it now in all its brilliant glory.

Usually, people wnat to see the glamorous rainbow in one's life.  However, rainbows appear oly after it rains so if people want happy future, they need to endure hardships.  I hope rainbow will appear in your lives to remind you of the pormise of tomorrow and sparkle and allure of your future.  I really wigh Sookmungians can see a beautiful rainbow in life.

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