Who Are You? Cinderella? The Step Sister?
Who Are You? Cinderella? The Step Sister?
  • Kang Nam Joon
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"Oh, Cinderella, will you marry me?" said the price happily.  "Yes, I will" said Cinderella smiling brightly.  "Oh, no! It's not happening.  I must be your bride" shouted the step sisters.  But no one heard them.  They just bitterly cried to the prince and Cinderella meriily walking out to palace.


Do you remeber this scene?  Who do you think you resembles?  Cinderella?  Or the step sisters?  Why Cinderella? Or why the stepsisters?  Is it something to do with your physical appearance?  Is it because you are as pretty as Cinderella?  Or is it because you are as ugly as the stepsisters?  If you think in this way then youare as pretty as Cinderella?  Or its it because you are ugly as the stepsisters?  If you think in this way then you are totally wrong. The reason that Cinderella was able to marry the prince, and the stepsisters were not able to marry was not just because of their physicial beauty  but also their characteristics.  From now on I am going to compare their characteristics.  Then you hae to think about it again.

First is step sisters were so unconfident.  This may be because that they did not acknowledge the good things they already had but because they merely compare themselves to the people (here Cinderella) who (in their thought) had something they did not have (here it is the physical appearance).  In their thought, Cinderella would have everything they wanted to have.  Being so unconfident and being so comparative toward Cinderally they had to treat Cinderella in an unkind way they did.  But what would have happened if they did not compare only aobut their appearance but also aobut what they had butDinderella didn't?  But instead of using what they already had, they merely admired something they did not have.  This is why they were so jealous of Cinderella and were so mean to her.  For the worse. everything resulted in a way they were so afraid to be happened.

Second they are so selfish.  They did not have a compassion for the people who are in need of help.  In this story, it is Cinderella.  She was an oirphan.  Can you imagine how sad you would be if you were her.  you may be think it is none of you business.  It would never happen to you.  But how can you be so sure?  Anything can happen to anyone.  In this story, similarly to you, they did not understand how hard it would be for Cinderella to live under the certain condition.  They were not able to put themeselves into her shoes.

Third is that they were fortune seekers.  In other word, they wanted get fortune and luck without putting an effort.  In this story the goal they sepup was to marry the prince.  It was not because they loved the prince but to get the fortune they always wanted to have.  Only physicial and intellectual improvement cannot be achieved in a short period of time.  It needs steady and endless efforts.  It cannot be achieved because you want it.  In this case, they had thought of the goal they wanted to achieve without thinking of appropriate ways of achieving it.  Remember this.  No fair process no achievement.  No pain no gain!

Ok, what about Cinderella them.  As you can imagine these three are the opposite to that of stepsisters'.  Firstly, Cinderella was so confident about who she is.  This is why she did not jealous of her step sisters but tried to understand her current situation.  Enven though, she was so sad and so hard for her to take, she tried very hard to do the works that are given to her.

The second is that she was not selfish. She was very friendly.  Do you remember?  She cared aobut many animal friends whe are not only cute dogs but rats and wild birds.  These animals that she loved were not and are not loved by many human beings.  This is why she was so beautiful and this is why she was able to get married to the prince.  This is why she had the help from the fairy and from the animal friends.  This is why she could have gained something that everyone seeks for.

I am not trying to make you to become Cinderella.  Personally I don't like her that much.  I don't like the story that much.  I've never thought aobut myself as Cinderella but rater as the step sisters.  Here the points I am making over here are, as you already have guessed, firstly be confident who you are, secondly be a person who card for other people, and lastly be a person who continuously makes an effort to get the goal.

I am going to ask you the question I asked in the beginning again.  Whom do you think you resemble? Cinderella? Or the step Sisters? 

A Chief of Sookmyung Graduate School of TELSOL

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