As a Model of Exchange Programs for Asian Students
As a Model of Exchange Programs for Asian Students
  • Park Lee Dahye / Junior Report
  • 승인 2010.05.08 21:34
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Last February, there was a contest for the proposal that suggested an exchange program for Korean, Chinese, and Japanese university students by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.  Then, On March 31, SMU won the 2010 competition with Seoul National University and KAIST.  SMU proposed a program of research of East Asia by organizing a consortium with Peking University (PKU) and Meiji University.  This program is to cultivate creative intellectuals through understanding history, politics, society, and culture of Northeast Asia and sharing a futureoriented perception of history.  Regarding the background to promote it, the Office of International Affairs said, “Korean, Chinese and Japanese university students have an opportunity to expand their thinking and insight by participating in the program.”  SMU already finished a basic agreement on cooperatively operating the program with PKU and Meiji University.

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