Alive Wax Figures' Town, 63 Wax Museum!
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Now, we can see wax figures which could only be seen in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong like these universal sightseeing cities in the past.  It is the first time in Korea people can explore alive wax figures’ town that can be matched with the world beeswax exhibit hall!  63 Wax Museum consisted of almost 70 wax figures and it offers diversity away from existing other beeswax exhibitions by means of interactive exhibitions like horror experience hall, 5D stereopsis. 


Expert Introduction

All wax figures except beings in horror experience hall were works of Matsuzaki Satoru (Matsuzaki) who was evaluated for the best wax figures expert in the world.  In spite of the high-priced production cost, he pursued only authenticity of wax figures.  Especially pupils and nails are Matsuzaki’s fruit of chasing authenticity and his hyper-realism efforts.  If you gaze into and focus on pupils more than any other element of wax figures, you can feel more actuality.

What Are Wax Figures?

A wax figure is a mixture of hive extract and paraffin, and looks exactly like the visual texture of the skin of human body.  Add to this, after assembling with artificial eyes, artificial teeth and artificial hair, wax figures can be so exquisite that people can’t distinguish the figure from the real person.  At first, it was developed for medical treatment in the 17th century in England.  After that, its technique was completed by migrant Madame Tussauds from France.  She learned wax directions from her uncle who was doctor, and based on it, she sculpted heads of celebrities.  Her wax works gained people’s affections widely, so it leaded to foundation of the world’s first wax figure museum.




 Basic Ingredients in Wax Figures

Medical artificial eyes made with glass and ceramic, Medical artificial teeth made from natural resins, and composite from synthesis hair and real hair are basic ingredients of almost all the wax figures.  By virtue of artificial eyes and teeth’s highly similar look with real shape, and course of attaching artificial hair one by one, wax figures get liveliness.


Museum Map

There are 11 concepts of exhibit halls.  Here, introduce museum map following watching procedure.  At first, ‘The Hall of Fame’ waits for you which composed from domestic and foreign past presidents to celebrities.  This hall is represented by the late President Kim Dae-jung, U.S. President Barack Obama, and independence fighter Kim Gu.  You can have a time with people who difficult to meet actually.  ‘People in History’ is made of the late Cardinal Kim Sou-hwan, Edison, Beethoven, Mozart, Gandhi, and others.  In this hall, you can see many elaborate props related with personages like musician’s instruments and Edison’s inventions.  In ‘The Last Supperl’ hall reproducing Jesus and his disciples, you can wear equipped clothes of those days, and be one of the members of The Last Supper.  ‘Painters’ Room’ consisted of Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso with the backgrounds of their each work.  ‘Star Reception’ was divided into star review1 Hallyu stars and star review2 overseas stars.  There are Bae Yong-joon, Lee Young-ae of Daejanggeum as well as DiCaprio, Marilyn Monroe, so a lot of Japanese tourists already came by.  Afterward, there is ‘Horror Experience Hall’ having a maze construct which consisted of monsters enough to get the chills.  ‘Mega 5D Theater’ which is a 360-degree stereopsis has 3 concepts; horror, dinosaur, fantasy. Wearing 3D glasses, you can experience realistic sound and winds effect for feeling thrill.  Lastly, there are ‘World Monetary Hall’ embodying great men in world monetary; 10,000 won, 100 dollar, 100 yuan (a Chinese dollar), 10 pound.  You can take a picture of being main character of 1 million won. There are abundant displays all over the halls besides wax figures. Enjoy yourself in these various concepts halls.








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